A Personal Letter of Reflection from Founding Member, Richarde Pratt

2020, you were the plot twist that I needed. You were the appointment I avoided, the last rep I never took, and the last quarter mile I stopped running. Despite being a hard pill to swallow, you were good for me.

2020, you taught me to look at things from a new perspective – one of gratitude. You brought me closer to my entire family. You allowed me to build closer relationships with my sister, my mother, and continue to heal the relationships with my brother and my father.  You brought me my girlfriend, who I adore, admire, and love dearly. You brought Juliet, Frank, and Kim into my life, whom I firmly believe were gifts from The Universe.

2020, you taught me that in order to succeed in life, I have to commit – commit to being a good human, a faithful partner, and to building a life that I’m proud of living.

2020, you brought me Level Up, which taught me self-awareness, to push the boundaries of my comfort zone, and to enjoy the pain that comes with growth. You brought me good habits, discipline, and accountability. You connected me to a team of individuals that I’m certain I will continue to grow with for a long time.

2020, you brought me Keller Williams and The Chabris Team. Despite having vastly different clientele, this team has taught me so much about honing my skills, and has made me a better, more confident realtor. You introduced me to Peter Chabris, who brought me Lisa Young, my coach/mentor/life-line. Lisa has taught me so much. She’s been the one person who always picks up my phone call, despite how smart or naïve my questions might have seemed at the time.

2020, you made me grateful – grateful to be in business, grateful to be making progress, grateful to be alive, and grateful to be breathing every day. You taught me to disconnect from the materialistic world and to focus on what’s really important in life. You were the best year of my career and the biggest plot twist of my life. You have made me realize that despite my worst days, when I zoom out, my life is pretty fucking spectacular.

Thank you for the opportunity.

2021, I’m ready.