We always hear about the routines entrepreneurs should have to make the most out of their day and reach peak productivity. But what about the rituals? And I know what you’re thinking — aren’t routines and rituals the same thing?! The truth is, they aren’t.

A routine is something you automatically do, out of habit, without much meaning attached to it. A ritual has a real sense of purpose behind it and is considered to be a meaningful practice.

The biggest difference between these two things is the attitude behind them. That being said, let’s explore 3 daily rituals we believe every entrepreneur should have in their day.


While we all have a morning routine (think of everything you do in the morning to get up and going that you do robotically), not many of us have a ritual. In the morning, a great ritual to incorporate would be journaling for gratitude. Not only are the benefits of a gratitude practice immense, but this also allows you to have some time for yourself to slow down and sit with your thoughts. With most mornings being hectic and often focused on how you need to get out of your house quickly to meet other people’s needs, this ritual will give you a moment for YOU.


Again, we all tend to have a bedtime routine, including things like showering, brushing our teeth, and getting in our pajamas. But adopting a ritual here is a great way to end your day, as you set the tone for a good night’s sleep and a productive following day.

A nighttime ritual can be anything you want — you get to choose which ones mean the most to you. One that we recommend is to reflect on the day and make tomorrow’s to-do list. Not only will it allow you to go to sleep completely feeling at ease, but this task can be highly ritualistic as you set your intentions for the next day.


Lastly, all entrepreneurs should have a ritual with the sole purpose of helping them relax. Whether it is a meditation practice, a morning walk in the woods near your home, or turning off your phone every Sunday — you need to find a ritual that makes you feel relaxed and blissful. This will help you recharge your batteries and make sure you’re fully capable of tackling the next challenge you will encounter.

Now that you know what rituals are, you may realize you already have some. If you do, please share them with us — they might inspire someone else.