In order to attract new abundance into your life you have to feel good. That’s rule number 1. You must be on a grateful vibration, a vibration that makes you say to yourself “thank you.”

The opposite of a grateful vibration is a fearful, sad, angry or worried vibration.

Have you noticed how when you are on a grateful vibration your life “flows” better? A very simple way to ensure you are on a gratitude vibration is by saying “thank you.”

Say “thank you” to yourself often and this will ensure you send out the winning vibration of gratitude. This will become your daily attitude if you choose it.

It’s impossible to feel grateful and fearful at the same time. Prioritize this attitude of mind.

Make a gratitude list as a daily or weekly habit. Writing it down will intensify the effects of claiming gratitude.

The way to write a gratitude list is simple. Take stock of what you currently have that you are currently grateful for and truly feel thankful.

After this activity of thanksgiving you are certain to be feeling more grateful and better about your life.

When your primary vibration is gratitude you will effortlessly attract more people, situations, and things such as deals and various forms of compensation that make you say “thank you.”

The universe is like a boomerang. What you send out frequently in the form of thoughts is guaranteed to come back. That’s how the law of attraction works at its most fundamental level. What you send out comes back. It’s not that complicated.


The second principle to master is ensuring you are striking a balanced flow between giving and receiving. In life there is a time for giving and there is a time for receiving.

Think of an alkaline battery. What makes the battery produce a result? Well, it has two poles. In order to complete a circuit one side of the battery is giving energy and the other side of the battery is receiving energy. A battery has a finite amount of energy inside until it’s depleted. The human body is also an alkaline battery however we are tapped into higher faculties; infinite resources. Our energy comes from spirit and spirit is infinite.

Energy doesn’t come from energy drinks and coffee. It comes from spirit. Think of those times during strenuous exercise when you had to dig deeper… you thought the tank was empty but you pushed yourself and there was more there. You dug deeper and found additional reserves of energy you didn’t know were there. Every challenging endeavor in life is mind over matter. We are capable of far more than we consciously know.

There is no limit to how much of an energetic flow you can create in your life. There is no limit to the human spirit, it’s the force that wakes us up out of bed. It drives us forward, especially when we are inside of a strenuous challenge.

Some people have a hard time attracting abundance into their life when they are stuck on one of the two poles of the battery. We have all seen that person or have been that person at times that gives too much and does not receive enough for their efforts. Some may call this being a people pleaser.

Inversely, we have all seen that person or have been that person at times who is very cheap, they do not give to charity, they do not make investments, they do not trust others and unbeknownst to them they stop themselves from growing and receiving so much more.

The takeaway with principle two is to make sure you have a healthy balance between the two energies of giving and receiving.

Make sure you are conscious of this balance. There is a time for investing and there is a time for conserving. Everything is an investment, whether an investment of time, energy, and resources we are always selecting what to invest in, whether people, deals, things, or the food that fuels our body. Invest wisely, but do invest.


Thirdly, you have enough space in your life for new abundance to enter. This can be literal space but generally it’s mental space that we need all need help freeing up. Carrying around too many to-dos and ideas in your head takes up space. Offload all of this mental content onto paper each day. You will feel much lighter.

Create additional free space in your energy field for new and amazing things to enter. How? By building up your life force energy, also known as Qi in Chinese which translates to “life force”, or “energy flow” is abundant. This generates more space for new things to enter.

Your “currents of Qi” is what attracts new currency into your life. Ensure your currents of Qi are being built through healthy food, exercise, yoga, and meditation. Then invest the Qi into people and situations that match your energy and feel in alignment with what you desire.

Have a keen awareness of those situations, people, or things in your life that leave you feeling drained afterward.

If these things or people are taking up space in your life and are cancelling out your life force energies over and over then they shouldn’t be in your life. If you keep these things or people in your life then it will be harder for new blessings to come in.

New abundance can be defined monetarily, but it can also be defined as new opportunities, a significant other, a newborn baby, and many other blessings from the universe that make life worth living.

New abundance enters when you are clear on what you want to attract. Once you know that, make sure you have enough free space in your energy field to receive new abundance.

Distractions and a lack of focus on what you want will also block you from new abundance. Noise in your life occupies valuable mental space.

When the noise is stronger than the signal of what you truly want then the universe doesn’t know how to assist. The universe notices when you can cleanly create and transmit the signal of what you want.


Fourthly, make sure that you are relaxed. Get a message. Have a sauna. Do an hour of yoga. Go for a swim. Meditate for 30 minutes. Practice breath work. All of these activities will engage your parasympathetic nervous system.

This is the side of your nervous system that is the opposite to the “fight or flight” mode of your nervous system. This is the feminine side of the nervous system.

Most people in the world today are addicted to stress whether they know it or not. It becomes their standard mode of operation, they are constantly “fighting” for success.

Fighting your way toward abundance is not sustainable. It’s tiring and on some level pushes abundance further away.

The millionaires and billionaires that are sustainably abundant place a large focus on relaxation habits; this is one and the same as feeling good. When you are relaxed and feeling good you are not in resistance to anything. You are in a neutral space of nonresistance.

You are in alignment with your true self. Meditation is often how people find their soul’s purpose and life purpose. We must be calm in order to think clearly and rationally. When we are chronically stressed out we can’t make effective life decisions.

Sweat, work out and go hard when it’s time to go hard but also remember to balance out the high intensity workouts and high pressure moments with personal relaxation time.


Expect great things to unfold. Life is unfolding in your favor at all times. Know this and believe this, and knowing and believing this will begin to create more of this daily experience of life unfolding for you.

Whether you think you’re right or you’re wrong, you’re right” -Henry Ford

Expect great things to happen but also have a healthy amount of non-attachment to the outcome so you do not suffer if a deal or situation does not play out how you thought it would. It’s a fine line to ride between expectation of great things while maintaining healthy non-attachment to the outcome.

In conclusion, we want you feeling open and abundant and not burdened by people or things taking away from your vital life force energy. Have utmost awareness of what you are paying attention to and where your awareness is going at all times.