Think of the environment you work in; do you want it to make you more productive or less likely to get things done? While it may sound like a funny question to ask — because of course we all want to be productive — most of us don’t set ourselves up for success.

Here are 6 ways to set up your workspace to maximize productivity, so you can cross more and more tasks off your to-do list.


Your workspace is a reflection of your mind. If the space you work in is dirty or messy, this will most likely result in you being sporadic about your work rather than focused. Take some time at the end of every work session to tidy up any items you may have moved around or surfaces that could use a quick clean.


Whether it is your laptop, mouse, tablet, phone, or headset, give all of your gadgets that you use throughout your work day a designated “home” so that they have a place to “live”. Not only does this help you with keeping things tidy, but it also helps you be more productive as you know where everything is and you don’t lose time looking for these tools. Plus, it helps with productivity as the gadgets you don’t need to get your work done for the day are out of sight and not distracting you.


There’s nothing worse for your productivity than to spend days on end in a small corner with only artificial lights. If you want to maximize your productivity, set up your workspace so that the elements of nature that keep us all grounded can enter the room. This includes fresh air and sunlight, but also plants. If your office space allows it, a few plants or greenery of some sort help reduce stress and increase creativity, in addition to productivity.


We all know someone that has hundreds of documents on their desktop, who spends way too much time looking for the file they need. Keeping your physical office nice and tidy can do a lot for your productivity, and the same goes for your digital space. Creating filing systems on your computer or organizing a Google Drive for all of your documents allows you to find the files you need quickly instead of spending time looking for them on your desktop. Plus, it gives you peace of mind to know that everything is backed up.


We all know that certain colors can affect our state of mind. If you work from home, you have total control over what colors you paint your room or the decor you use. Selecting colors such as blue will help illicit productivity. But if you work from a shared office, you can still use color psychology to fuel your productivity by using items of that color or hanging up color blocks of blue in your cubicle or office walls.


Different scents can affect your mood, headspace, and focus. If your workspace allows it, use an oil diffuser to diffuse essential oils such as pine to increase alertness, or cinnamon to enhance focus. If you can’t diffuse oils in your workspace, bring the essential oil tubes with you and apply them on the inside of your wrists and/or behind your ears to get a whiff of those scents throughout your day.

Do you have any ways that you set up your workspace for productivity? Share your tips with us on Instagram — we’d love to know!