The Q2 results are in. This was a stellar quarter for our Level Up Members checkered with amazing results. The data in this post speaks for itself.

95% of members are staying on board for Q3. Why? These stats may give you an idea….

86.96% of our members noticed a huge shift in Leveling Up their mindset and now believe their largest goals in life are more attainable compared to life before joining the Mastermind.

The members inside the group are expanding their abilities both personally and professionally.

Members across the board are telling us that they are not only going after but also SECURING the biggest deals of their careers, deals they previously did not think were possible for themselves.

They are hitting the gym more consistently, their morning routines are dialed in, they are getting the right nutrition, their personal relationships are in harmony, and they have been swiftly eliminating any limiting beliefs when they crop up.

We have several members inside that have transacted the most real estate ever in Q2.

Here is what members are saying about Q2:

“I am capable of larger deals than I previously thought I could handle.” – Brian V.

“I finally feel like I am operating on all cylinders and leaving no stones unturned.” – Carson H.

“It’s been the most successful quarter of my career.” – Colin B.

“I am limitless. I’ve known this forever and Level Up helps remove the barriers I’ve placed in front of me. Manifesting and hard work allow me to grow.” – Chris B.

“I benefit by surrounding myself with like minded individuals. I know there’s a lot I can learn from this team, and inversely, I know there’s a lot of value I can provide to others.” – Andrew O.

“I have cultivated a stronger mindset and work ethic. The group boosts my confidence.” – Ethan F.

“I am more talented than I give myself credit for.” -Ben K.

“I’m capable of more than I know.” -Lien V.

As you can see our members are individually and collectively making huge strides forward.

We are currently looking to expand our team. If you are interested in joining The Level Up Mastermind, please submit an application through our website.