“If you could go back in time, what would you tell your younger self?”

Chances are that you’ve heard this question before. It most likely made you reflect back on all the decisions you’ve made to get you to where you are now.

When you are reflecting on your life, there’s one important thing you need to take note of; the person you were in the past isn’t you anymore.

You are not your past self – so why should you let it dictate who you are becoming?

The issue with focusing on the past and who you used to be is that your history and experiences are setting precedence for who you can become – and it is limiting.

That’s why you should focus on the future and consider what your future self – who already has everything you want – would tell you. Your future self may not exist in the material world, but it does exist – this version of you who already has everything you want is out there.

But how can you take advice from your future self?

Here’s how…

Think about who exactly you would like to be in 15 years. Now, step into your future self and get into the headspace of this person.

Take out a sheet of paper, and from the perspective of your future self, describe what you see when you ask yourself the following questions…

  1. What does your environment look like?

  2. Where do you live?

  3. What clothing are you wearing?

  4. What is your day-to-day like?

  5. Who are your friends?

  6. What skills and talents do you have?

  7. How do you feel about yourself?

  8. What do you stand for?

  9. How wise are you?

  10. What goals have you accomplished?

  11. How do you interact with people?

  12. What advice do you have for your current self?

Now that you’re 15 years ahead, look around you — what do you see?

Make sure to provide as many details as you can for each of these questions. The more you can do that, the easier it will be for you to create a clear vision of your future self and be capable of learning from it.

After you’ve dreamed up your future self, your next steps are to roll up your sleeves and get to work. Here’s how you can bring your future self to life:

  1. Share your future self with a friend

    This will allow you to stay accountable to your goals and want to save face whenever you feel like you are falling off track. They may also help you stay motivated.

  2. Visualize your future self

    Whether this be through simply closing your eyes and visualizing what your future self’s life would feel like or creating a vision board, it’s important to visualize your future self.

  3. Put your future self-thinking cap on

    Whenever you’re about to do something or make decisions, ask yourself; What would my future self do?

  4. Examine your life

    Take a hard look at your current life and decide what it is you need to start doing, stop doing, or continue doing.

If you complete these steps and apply the exercises consistently, you will achieve the success of your future self in no time.