When it comes to your career, there are a lot of invisible things that may be holding you back that we don’t necessarily realize right off the bat. One of those invisible things is the attachment you may feel to your comfort zone. In this zone, you feel safe and in control, which is difficult to give up.

But if you want to grow, you don’t have a choice. You need to get out of your Comfort Zone and make your way toward the Growth Zone. However, there’s no way for you to get to the Growth Zone without passing by the Fear Zone and Learning Zone, first.


The four different zones are the Comfort Zone, the Fear Zone, the Learning Zone, and the Growth Zone. The biggest thing holding you back from moving through these zones is fear.


So, now that you know about the four different zones you need to get through to get into the Growth Zone, here’s what we recommend you do to make it there:

1. Identify Your Fears

Before you can move forward, you need to identify what it is that you are afraid of. Whether it is through journaling or meditation, you need to find a way to bring what’s holding you back to light. Once you figure out what fears are holding you back, it’s time to face them. Because identifying your fear is only half the battle. The other half consists of what you do with these fears you’re aware of. One of our favorite mantras? Feel the fear and do it anyway.

At least, do this so you can take those first few steps out of your comfort zone. Rather than trying to focus on making the fear go away, learn how to move through it. Accept its existence and make it something you are conscious of. When you are conscious of the fear and decide to move through it, it no longer has the same power over us as it this when we couldn’t identify what was holding us back from our greater selves.

2. Seek Solutions

Once you’ve left the Comfort Zone, you have entered the Fear Zone. To break through this barrier, you must seek multiple possible solutions. Focusing on solutions will help attract the resources and tools you need to get through the barriers of the Fear Zone and make it into the Learning Zone.If there is a will, there is always a way. And the great part is there isn’t only ONE way; there are usually multiple solutions to anything it is you are facing.

3. Look for New Comfort in Change

By challenging your limits and looking for solutions, your Comfort Zone will expand as you feel comfortable with new realities, transformations, and big changes. Ultimately, your old goals become your new normal and you get to repeat this process and grow as much as you desire.

As Robin Sharma said so well…

“As you move outside of your comfort zone, what was once the unknown and frightening becomes your new normal.”