Intuition is an instinctual quality, a higher faculty that we all have.

It is often in competition with what the mind is thinking.

The mind is an excellent servant but its also excellent at generating questions and generating fears.

The mind needs to have everything compartmentalized and planned out. It needs to feel in control. Intuition doesn’t need to read a teleprompter. Intuition prefers to follow the heart in the moment, rather than the script.

Intuition can feel its way through situations.

Intuition will generate answers. The mind will generate more questions. There is a time for thoughtful inquisition, and there is a time for making decisions.

Some people call intuition “a gut feeling” or a “hunch.” What intuition really is, is a combination of body intelligence, heart intelligence, gut intelligence, and soul level intelligence. In other words quantum intelligence.

Meditators and hermits alike embrace stillness and the stillness speaks to them. That’s why many people find clarity and wisdom after quieting down the mind.

The gut-brain connection is one of the hottest discussion in wellness right now. There are an estimated 100 trillion bacteria, good and bad alike, in the gut.

This is why “we are what we eat.” The natural organisms that live inside of us and are vital to our physical and mental health.

There are many foods in the standard American diet that reward the growth of bad bacteria such as white flour, refined sugars, and alcoholic drinks.

Other things like cruciferous vegetables and fermented drinks like kombucha reward good bacteria.

Even less people know there is a large amount of neurons in the gut. Yes, the same kind of neurons found in the brain. The gut has an intelligence center of its own. There are an estimated 500 million neurons in the gut and a 100 billion more in the brain.

Common knowledge on the gut-brain connection is starting to spread, if you listen to the most successful people in the world they often say their best deals came from listening to their gut and listening to their intuition. You hear this time and time again from business superstars like Richard Branson, Gary Vaynerchuk, and Barbara Corcoran of Shark Tank.

The gut feeling and the gut are one and the same. If you eat a rewarding, diverse, and healthy diet you will become more aware of the additional intelligence center sitting right in your gut.

Following your intuition will challenge you because at times it will not make logical sense.

The mind knows what it already knows and when there is guidance pointing you outside the jurisdiction of what the mind already knows and is comfortable with, the mind doesn’t compute and can actually generate fears of the unknown.

The mind knows what it knows and doesn’t know what it doesn’t know. It has cut and dry boundaries. One of the most major parts of the mind, the ego needs territorial boundaries and control. It doesn’t want things to change.

The ego is not without purpose. It’s the part of us that is survival consciousness. It’s trying to keep you inside the lines of your daily routine, keep you safe, secure, and inside your lane. It a part of the waking mind that often generates when you think of expanding outward beyond known boundaries. The ego wants certainty.

The ego is restrictive in nature and the soul is expansive in nature. Both of these systems paradoxically function together. Some people are all ego. Some people are all soul. The most effective people are a balance of both.

The soul wants to endlessly expand. It is comfortable with exploration and uncertainty. It wants new horizons, new challenges, and new adventures. The quests the soul desires ultimately expands the mind and the soul.

Millennials love travel, prefer experiences over things and have ignited the experience economy, think AirBnB.

That’s what the infinite soul does, it expands through new experience.

Following your intuition is a skill that not many people know how to listen to yet because it’s inherently beyond thinking, beyond the mind.

No traditional K-12 or higher learning institutions have ever taught a curriculum about intuition because its beyond the mind. To find information about these topics you need to go into books on spirituality, success books like Think and Grow Rich or go deep into sales trainings. It’s not taught in schools so this may be the first time you are learning new perspective on intuition.

Now, I challenge you to start to listen to your gut more closely.

Listen to the internal guidance system that’s tapped into the more instinctive side of you, the side that’s tapped into infinite intelligence.

The most powerful people on earth are tapped into infinite wisdom. They are tapped into something greater than themselves.

Intuition just knows things that you will never be able to read in a textbook. It’s attuned to higher dimensions.

The next time you’re in a business deal or you have a large decision to make, take a moment to put your hands on your heart and tune into your heart’s intelligence.

Send your heart love, gratitude, and kindness for everything that it does for you. Ask questions and answers will arise at a feeling level directly from the heart.

When you were conceived the heart formed before the brain, in fact it was the first organ to begin to form in your mother’s womb.

Tune in to the pulse of the heart, the natural intelligence within the heart, it will answer you time and time again. Feel your way through life, your heart will show you the way.

Integrate the two systems of heart and mind so they work together in unison. When they are working in cooperation, instead of competition, you are stronger.

Having said that, there are times to use your mind and be extremely logical and there are time to follow intuition and “walk by faith” and “feel your way through.”

For example, you must see that the math of a deal make sense before you explore the hunch further. Once the left brain’s logical needs are satisfied then allow the emotional intelligence to continue to guide you forward.

In the law of attraction, emotions (yes energies in motion) are the engine that drive the “why” forward and the “why” is what attracts in all the other “hows” such as resources and the right people.

Get excited about your “why” that you have intuitively chose. Have a great attitude and a hearty belief and you will be astounded at how quickly how many things come together.

Others have described intuition as a sixth sense, an inner knowingness. All of the amazing inventions of the world and amazing companies of the world were built on an inner knowingness, a belief, a deep conviction in an idea.

Intuition has built the modern world.

Intuition, belief, and faith. Those are the emotions that carry an idea forward and brings it into physical creation.

What in your life do you have a strong belief about that keeps coming up? Think to when you are daydreaming or meditating in the morning and evening, when your mind is in theta waves.

Maybe it’s an idea you have been having that at first didn’t seem logical. It feels like a “pie in the sky” or “big dream.”

The people that have made the largest companies on earth have acknowledged the idea seems outlandish however they keep paying attention as the thought would arise. That thought turned into a belief, and eventually a belief with a plan.

The characteristic about intuition is it is naturally arising and bubbling up to the surface from your gut, heart, and body.

When the idea arises you can feel there’s an inner knowingness attached to the idea, an extraordinary additional quality to the idea.

Which thoughts like these keep coming up in your life?

See what this thought this question brings up for you. What are those unrealized desires?

Pay further attention to those thoughts that naturally arise. As you continue to reflect on the idea or thought allow even more thoughts to arise. Allow these thought stream to become a belief, a belief that you can execute on. Allow that to develop into an inner knowingness that you can do it.

Allow your intuition to be the guidance system that ensures that you keep trying, you push through adversity and you carry your idea all the way through into a beautiful new creation.