You set the thermostat on your own self worth, so you might as well keep it at 100.

Now picture your self worth. Now picture a thermostat.

You can allow the opinions of others and outside events to affect your thermostat.

Or… you can set the thermostat from the inside, from the inner environment. You can choose where the thermostat goes each day and where it stays despite any exterior circumstance or comment.

By increasing your self worth you will raise your own salary and will only take deals that will reward you properly.

You will put yourself first in a selfish and entirely necessary way.

The author of “How To Fail At Almost Everything and Still Win Big”, Scott Adams, talks about being selfish… to a point. You want to put yourself first and make sure all of your needs are met as long as you are not a burden on anyone.

If you are selfishly doing an excellent job of taking care of yourself then you will reach the stage where you can live more selflessly, because all of your worldly needs are already met.

That’s truly living for the good of others.

There are pitfalls to look out for when claiming self worth.

For example, do not judge yourself, think of yourself as a victim, or think of yourself as less than… it does not matter where you came from or what you look like… the key point is you set the thermostat on your own self worth.

You might as well keep it at 100.

What matters much more than the events that happen to us, or the things people say to us, is the meaning we ascribe, and at a deeper level, the meaning we ascribe to our identity.

We can choose to be affected by negative comments from the peanut gallery, or we can choose to keep the thermostat, the self worth at 100. It’s all a choice.

Keep it at 100. That will ensure you are untouchable, unfazed by any negativity, and you quash small thinking right when you notice it.

Your potential is limitless. You are unbounded.

It is only limited by self imposed artificial limits.

If our self worth is at 100 and kept at 100 we will experience limitless, unbounded expansion.

Never stop exploring. You never know what is on the other side of growth.