90% of businesses do not define who their dream client is, 90% of startups also fail.

Some people call it a marketing “avatar” some call it a “persona” and others call it your dream client. I love the term dream client because it most clearly speaks to who you want to attract, work with, and serve.

Defining your dream client engages the higher facilities of the mind; intention and visualization. Once a dream client is imagined and then defined on paper the client archetype can be strongly intended for and visualized, you can even imagine future conversations with this dream client, what they look like and what those conversations are like.

The more belief you have in this type of client already working with you, the more real it becomes.

These are some of the keys on how to live in abundance and manifest what you are looking for.

Get very clear on what you want and consistently affirm that you already have it and are experiencing it through the mind.

Everything that was ever invented and prototyped on earth started in the mind of man.

Cro-magnon had to figure out how to translate mental ideas of hand tools into physical manifestation, how did he or she do this? Well, they got as clear as they could in their minds on what they wanted to manifest and then they went at it.

Our modern day brains are no different in that regard. We are constantly telling the world what we want, usually in the form of casual thoughts. Sometimes we get what we want and sometimes we don’t, but typically we do get what we focus on most of the time.

Are we affirming what we want in business and in life in an organized and clear manner so it’s less casual and more formal? In a way where we can feel we are creating this new client in our minds… or we are creating this giant new deal in our minds… or we are creating a global clothing brand in our minds and so on, it all starts and ends in the mind.

As the mystics said, all is mind.

We have to make the image of what we want super clear in our minds first, so that to the subconscious mind “the feeling mind” begins to experience it as actual and real.

“Whatever Your Mind Can Conceive and Believe, It Can Achieve.” – Napoleon Hill

Not many people know this yet, but the mind has an automatic success mechanism.

Inside the subconscious mind you can visualize events. Professional basketball players visualize shooting free throws over and over. The data shows that they are training just as hard as their counterparts that are physically standing there on the court, shooting each shot over and over.

The subconscious mind interprets imagined events as real and not only that the subconscious mind is 30,000x stronger than your conscious “thinking” mind.

Essentially you are programming the subconscious mind with real or imagined events, intentionally or most often unintentionally. A dream client activity brings in intentionality of what you want.

“Those who reach decisions promptly and definitely, know what they want, and generally get it.” -Napoleon Hill

A dream client is visualized/affirmed/repeated until a level of competence is achieved that is known as unconscious competence. A very easy example of this highest level of competence is tying your shoe.

Shoe tying is something you have done thousands of times for years and years thus it is deeply engrained into the subconscious mind and subsequently you can do it without even thinking about it, that’s the automatic success mechanism in action. It can be applied to anything of your choosing. You can even apply these dream client manifestation principles to your very own self image.

Our minds have this incredible ability to create the once imagined. We see the new, better reality in our minds and then we built it. We take action while maintaining the intention of what we want. Nobody else chooses the new reality for us, we do it for ourselves and if we take the time to get super clear on who our dream client actually is we will get them, they will actualize.

When forming the dream client you can ask,

“Who are they?”

“What are their greatest aspirations?”

“How do they want to be known?”

“What are their top concerns they are trying to solve?”

“What publications do they read and why?”

“How did they find you?

“What was the final straw on why they bought from you and not someone else?”

The list goes on… this activity will also help you form your unique value proposition and what makes you stand apart.

We truly are creator beings that live in between worlds, the physical and the mental. We have that unique gift bestowed upon us of blending and uniting the two worlds so the integration appears seamless.

Selecting who we want to work with and serve is within our power as creator beings.

If we have difficult clients we attracted them, if we have great clients we attracted them.

It’s all about ownership and knowing the laws of the universe.

So take your time, and take it by the reigns on who you want to attract next.

When you have affirmed what you want enough times you will have successfully transmitted your order to the universe on what you would like, and the universe has no choice but to deliver to you the same frequencies you just affirmed in the form of people, events, opportunities, and circumstances that line up with the affirmed reality.

Ask, believe, and be open to receive. You can have it all.