Let’s dive into Masterminds, what they are, and how they can assist you in reaching your ultimate potential in life. 

A Mastermind is an alliance of like-minded individuals with a common goal.

In the case of the The Level Up Mastermind the shared definite chief aim is success in Real Estate. The group consists of investors, developers, attorneys, brokers, agents, entrepreneurs, and marketers in the hottest markets across the country.

Collectively, the group conducts hundreds of millions in transaction volume each quarter.

Level Up is for the success minded. Each member shares an unwavering commitment to becoming better than they were yesterday at their craft and as impactful people.

Members lean on other members for specialized knowledge, resources, and shared accountability.

The Mastermind provides an ongoing source of accountability in order to support each individual’s specific goals. Most importantly, it is a neutral source of accountability – totally free from judgement. A mastermind should always be a judgement free zone where members inside feel comfortable to share openly and honestly.

The spirit of the Mastermind is teamwork. There is a shared responsibility for the entire team’s success. A championship team knows that they are only as strong as their weakest player, so we encourage each other to grow, to be better, and to win. And when we win, we celebrate like champions.

Having access to the support net of the group may be the defining factor that pushes you to your ultimate potential. We all know we can’t do it all alone.

Often when people try to do everything on their own by “white-knuckling it” so-to-speak, they miss their mark. They are likely to burnout, give up, and repeat cycles that continue to hold them back from reaching their life-legacy goals.

There’s no need to take that approach anymore.

If you are in the process of building a legacy then you need expert knowledge and shared accountability to discover just how much you don’t know. One of the ways wisdom is defined is by admitting just how much you don’t know.

Part of entering into a Mastermind alliance is having the humility to say, “I don’t know everything and I may need shared accountability.” The real winners in life have the ability to say, “I don’t know everything. Who should I connect with to fill in these knowledge gaps?”

Utilizing the Mastermind will help you craft a definite plan of action and direct all of your efforts towards achieving your goals.

Access to the Mastermind will help you with acknowledging the current reality of where you are at. If there are breakdowns along the way, they will be acknowledged and re-framed to empower you to move forward.

Breakdowns are part of the process of getting better as they are the first step towards experiencing a major breakthrough.

When we take ownership of all of our creations and miscreations we never slip into victim mentality. We can see how we are creating everything in our life through our intentions, beliefs, and actions. We always stay in the power position.

“Whether you think you’re wrong or you’re right, you’re right.” Our beliefs create our reality so having a constant source of belief system awareness around you at all times is one of the keys to success.

As people we are creation machines, we are always creating, and sometimes it gets messy.

Having the Mastermind around you will help you take ownership of it all and more effectively step into control of your own attraction.

The shared accountability of the Mastermind helps with the organization of specialized knowledge in the form of new approaches, new ideas, and new ways of looking at problems that you did not see on your own. Think of this as a 360 degree perspective on all of the changes you are trying to create in your life.

You don’t have to do it all alone.

Through shared accountability you will have that extra push to commit, form a solid action plan, and know that there is guidance and positive coaching along the way.

Nobody can become the greatest without accountability and coaching. Every masterful player in professional sports or in business has an accountability net around them.

Be grateful masterminds exist to help you fill in those gaps and trust in the process of becoming the greatest version of yourself.

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