Napoleon Hill said, “In a Mastermind you can get done in a very short amount of time what you otherwise wouldn’t be able to do in a lifetime by yourself.”

Level Up and its members come together with a common goal: success in Real Estate which subsequently means we give back to our families and favorite charities.

We are constantly stepping up our performance on the playing field as well as off the field in the form of impact and who we can inspire.

The network effect that occurs in a room full of people with the common interest of real estate and personal development is profound. You can feel the “success energy” in the room.

The group begins to form one “master”mind, a meta mind. Think about that, that is a remarkably powerful collective mind with common goals.

Everyone gets exponentially more “aha” moments. Each individual operates at different levels and different segments of the real estate sector so accordingly each person has different perspectives. This helps create a 360 degree view on the topic at hand. The diversity of the group creates a well-rounded perspective.

Inside the Mastermind you receive motivation, encouragement, education, ideas, and strategies from people who want YOU to succeed.

Each person is invested into everyone else’s success. That’s the environment.

Each member knows: how I encourage others is a reflection of how I encourage myself.

This is the culture of the Level Up Mastermind. A vibrant nexus of intelligence and the desire to be more and do more.

We are launching a FB group to expand this culture of success further out into the internet and find other like minded real estate professionals across America.

We have started something special here at Level Up.

We are the number #1 real estate mastermind in Boston and now it’s time to find other outstanding members from hot real estate markets around the country that also wish to take part in the movement.

The Level Up Mastermind will continue to grow in value and we will always be tailoring the Mastermind environment by selecting the right members, tools, and resources to ensure that your mindset, business, and life scales sustainably and enjoyably.

Join the FB group here to interact with other Real Estate professionals from around the country: Level Up Mastermind: A Group to Help Real Estate Professionals Succeed