Whether you are a high performer in business or a professional athlete, you need a coach.

Michael Jordan would not have become Michael Jordan without a series of coaches.

“A coach is someone that sees beyond your limits and guides you to greatness!” -Michael Jordan

Think about how many different coaches a single professional athlete has.

They have a nutrition coach, they have a weightlifting coach, they have a mindset coach, they have a skillset coach to help them shoot the ball or throw the football better. They have a coach for just about every area of their life so they are holistically supported.

In business a similar approach is required.

There is no actual skill called “business.” Business is life. It is a holistic series of skills that allows you to bring your valuable knowledge and resources to the marketplace.

Having a coach for each area of your life is very wise.

The most successful executives and entrepreneurs have finance coaches, mindset coaches, marketing coaches and so on… in essence they seek expert knowledge from the people that have already been to where they want to go. The coaches have already sacrificed their blood, sweat, and tears to get to where they are.

A coach is similar to a consultant. Consulting at its core is transformation facilitation.

By choosing to work with others who have already been there and have become masters in their craft or field of know-how you are selecting one of the few shortcuts in life that’s effective and ethical.

That’s working smarter and not harder.

In the example of the real estate industry you want to have a successful coach or mentor guiding you along, providing shortcuts, and more importantly, uncovering any limiting beliefs so that you can overcome any blind spots in your business.

They can help you smash through anything that you aren’t even aware of. That’s powerful.

That’s the magnitude of having expert coaches to leverage.

By becoming open to coaching, you give yourself the opportunity to get to where you really want to go in an expedited fashion so that A) you do not burn out and B) you are operating on proven systems as you advance your career.

This is way smarter than thinking you have it figured out on your own. When people are open to coaching they breakthrough old patterns that set them back and develop new habits to propel them forward.

The coach provides the blueprint or the direct path to where you want to be in life.

Investing in a coach is an investment in yourself and will save you from years of stress, mismanagement, and squandered resources.

Kinda scary to think that some people are going about their business in inefficient and sometimes downright destructive ways….and they think they are doing great! A coach can see all sorts of pitfalls in your roadmap and see what you can’t see about your approach.

That’s the risk of blindspots. That’s the risk of not seeking expert coaches.

Anybody who is truly exceptional in all of the areas of their life are also truly coachable and willing to make changes, receive new teachings, and create a life (and lifestyle) that keeps getting better and better…