As you look at your current life, do you feel that it is big enough for you? Or do you envision yourself living a bigger, more successful life?

If you’re a high achiever, then you most likely think that the life you are currently living is too small and that you can do better. While success takes a lot of groundwork, actions are not the only thing that will get you to achieve these lofty goals you have for yourself. Because to do big things you need to think big, first.

The power of thinking big is a concept where one develops the ability to envision big and ambitious goals.  When someone thinks big, they don’t limit themselves to what seems possible or realistic at the moment, but instead push beyond their perceived limitations to imagine what could be achieved with enough effort, creativity, and persistence.

Oftentimes, these are dreams that feel exactly like that: dreams. They feel almost unrealistic because of how ambitious they are.


1. You can achieve greater things, even if you fail. 

When you shoot for the stars, you’re either going to reach the stars or land on a very high mountain. When you think big and set really big goals, you’re going to reach levels of success you’ve never experienced before for the following reason: even if you accomplish about 80% of your goal, it’s still a lot more than 100% of a conservative goal.

2. You will improve your self-confidence.

When you set big goals for yourself, you’re taking a leap of faith and betting on yourself to do the work and produce at a capacity you’ve most likely never done before. As a result of this risk-taking, you step out of your comfort zone and into the learning zone, which is inevitable if you want to make it to the growth zone. Once you accomplish these big goals, it’s something you can always look back on as a reminder of what you are capable of. Because remember, confidence is built through accomplishments and tangible proof.

3. You have a greater impact on the world.

If it weren’t for Jeff Bezos who thought big, we wouldn’t have Amazon. The same can be said for Steve Jobs with Apple and Bill Gates with Microsoft. All of these entrepreneurs were big thinkers and this allowed them to build innovative businesses that have a huge impact on the world around them. Your big idea may just be the next big thing that this world needs.


1. Challenge your limiting beliefs.

If you have a big idea, there’s most likely a little voice in your head saying that it’s not possible or realistic. It’s important that you shut down your inner critic at this point and instead listen to your inner coach. You need to try to break out of your usual thought patterns and consider new possibilities and ideas – it’s time to embrace the discomfort.

2. Surround yourself with the right things.

Whether it is people, environments, books, podcasts, or events, you need to surround yourself with people and consume things that inspire you to do the big things you want to do.

3. Visualize your success.

You want to close your eyes and visualize yourself living the life you think you would have once you achieve this big goal you have in mind. When visualizing this scenario, make sure to focus on recreating the emotions and feelings you most likely would experience if this world you are visualizing were to become your reality. Once you open your eyes, you will be hungry and ready to get to work to make these emotions one you can feel in your real life and not just in the ideal world you created.

4. Make a plan and take action

These big goals may feel like they stretch your abilities and push you beyond your current limitations. That’s why you need to take these big goals and break them down into smaller steps. Once that plan is in place, it’s time to take purposeful and impactful action toward your big goals.

As you start taking action and fulfilling your plan, you will most likely encounter setbacks and experience self-doubt. When this happens, remember the following quote from Pooja Agnihotri: “If you want to be big, you have to start behaving big.”