“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” -Nikola Tesla

Research in Motion (RIM) the manufacturer of the Blackberry is no longer making waves.

What is making waves, everyday, and all the time is your frequency.

You see, we are like radio towers in the sense that we are always sending and receiving frequencies.

Instead of sending out classic rock music over the airwaves we are sending out emotions. Emotions are energy in motion and frequency is how you measure it. Frequencies map to emotions. There can be low frequency emotions which are more dense and not vibrating as quickly or there can be uplifting, joyful frequencies which are higher and lighter.

Knowing this is important because we have an outstanding amount of influence over the frequency we are selecting each day, and at a more detailed level: each moment.

Primarily we program our radio towers through the daily emotions that we are embodying. The American workweek is somewhere between 40-100 hours, but what are your dominant emotions during those hours every week?

Considering most of our lives are spent building our careers, we should probably become more aware of the emotions that we are embodying while we work.

We are in fact fined tuned biological transmission towers. That has been an intentionally well kept secret. In the past, the subset of the population with the wealth and resources did not want these secrets getting out out for fear of competition. Now, in the information age these hidden universal laws are starting to become more common knowledge.

The implication of this knowledge is that we are powerful beyond our recognition. We are so powerful that the wheelworks of nature respond to our vibration and help us select our reality. All of your wildest dreams are a frequency to be matched and embodied. The experiences you want will arrive if you can become a vibrational match to them.

“It is a mere question of time when men will succeed in attaching their machinery to the very wheelwork of nature.” -Nikola Tesla

Tesla was referring to physical machinery, but this quote also applies to our mental machinery.

“Show me your friends and I will show you what you are.” -Spanish proverb from the 1800s

If that quote is translated into the world of energy and vibration it becomes,

“Show me your frequency and I will show you your life.” -Unknown

“The Universe doesn’t speak English. It speaks frequency.” -Unknown

The universe is aware and awake at all times. Ok, maybe Santa Claus isn’t watching us but our vibration is effecting and creating our lives at all times. That’s why feeling good and thinking good is incredibly important to the equation of attraction.

Once you know the universal laws you can begin to harmonize with them and work with them. The result of this will be getting in further control of your emotions and thus your attraction.

Our emotions and our life are either spiraling upwards or downwards. We want to be reaching up toward those less dense “lighter” emotions like joy, freedom, love, empowerment, eagerness, happiness, enthusiasm, optimism, hopefulness, self belief, contentment, and positivity.

If we hit a wall, contract, then start going backwards in the other direction we will feel frustration, pessimism, impatience, irritation, worry, self doubt, rage, anger, jealously, hatred, insecurity, guilt, and powerlessness.

The universe picks up on those dominant vibrations that you are embodying and sending out into the universe. Like clockwork it serves us people, situations, and circumstances that match those dominant frequencies that are being transmitted.

It’s the law. It’s just how it works. Like vibrations line up with like vibrations. We are always transmitting without even trying.

But I thought opposites attracted? Yes opposites do attract but only when it comes to magnetism, which is a force all on its own. When it comes to frequencies – like will harmonize with like. Sympathetic waves in yourself come together with sympathetic waves in others and then what occurs? An even greater wave. We have all experienced this.

Think of when you meet with your significant other or best friend. Instantly, your waves interact with their waves and an even greater wave is created. You have lots of interests in common and the perceived experience is friendship, connection, fun, joy, and well-being. The waves coming together transcend every day existence and add richness to life. That is called “constructive interference.”

The opposite of this is “destructive interference” and we have all experienced this before. Think of when a song comes on the radio that you dislike. Instantly, you feel your “vibes” chopped down by the frequencies of the song that are not harmonizing with your dominant emotions of the moment.

If you are having a great time, let’s say you are elated, closing big deals, laughing, and having fun. You are NOT going want a somber or slow song to come on the radio. Those vibrations are miles away from how you are feeling. You immediately feel the massive frequency difference and proceed to change the station. Once you find a song that actually suits your sprightly and preferable mood you keep it and you enjoy it.

The bottomline is: understanding that emotions are energy implies that they are fluid, moving resources meant to be felt and released instead of suppressed and ignored. Influencing your energy and emotions so you line up with sympathetic frequencies will add dynamism to your life and will bring you closer and closer to the success you are looking for.

By gaining greater emotional awareness we will be better able to feel and recognize the vibrations as they arise. If we can better read those emotions then we can take the hint on going towards people and situations that generate positive feelings and walking away from situations or people that generate negative feelings. Our emotions are always showing us what we are in vibrational alignment with or not in vibrational alignment with.

It is easy to unconsciously slip into anger when something doesn’t go your way. So if you can feel your vibration morphing and trending downward then you have the conscious opportunity to flip the script and not allow the anger to replicate.

Remember, it is impossible to be grateful and fearful at the same time. Do your best to stay conscious of the emotions as they arise, observe them, and do your best to stay in the positive frequencies which will in turn attract more and more things to be grateful for.