Here are the Top 10 quotes, direct to you from the legends and rising stars of the Boston real estate scene.

This was an eye opening experience for me as a broker. I learned top producing builders value creativity, the integrity of their workmanship, and the unique challenge that each project brings.

I loved interviewing each of these real estate professionals. I could sense the competitive edge in each person I interviewed. I felt their passion!

Each legend explained their focus on a close relationship with their local community and the team they know attributes to their success. Each of the legends were humble, with less of the focus on them and more of the their overall stellar team.

Each developer I talked to is so good at what they do because they are doing it for a deeper purpose. Real estate changes lives and builds fortunes.

The legends I interviewed are not just out to build a new home or luxury condo, they are building their own legacy. They are building homes designed to last decades and provides wealth for themselves and their community for decades and decades to come.

Providing beautiful housing for the Boston area as well as building wealth and reputation synonymous with integrity. That’s a reason worth building for.

Here is what they had to say…