When your mind soars above the noise and focuses on what matters.

Then you are wealthy.

When you look into the eyes of a loved one then you are wealthy.

When there is always more than enough then you are wealthy.

When you feel powerful and strong, ready to attack the day, then yes you are wealthy.

Wealth is a state of mind that we are actually born with. We were born rich and we are rich right now. It’s a perception shift and a choice.

Each of us won the lottery by being born. The nature and wildlife on this planet is amazing. Some scientists estimate there was a 1 in 4 trillion chance of you being born here on earth at this current time.

Wealth is what we were born with.

It’s our birthright, something that has always been ours. Reclaim and remember your natural and abundant state of being.

It is a process of reconnecting with the truth. Sit out in nature and observe nature. There is no shortage of anything really. Go out into nature into the forest. There are thousands of trees, rivers, and many streams.

Observe that this is all here for us and there is no shortage of anything. Nature is constantly changing yet is always on time and on cycle. Nothing is rushed.

Any perceived scarcity in our lives is either learned or self-imposed. We have bankers, marketers, and newscasters getting us to buy into the idea of scarcity. All it is, is an illusion. One of the most common perceived scarcities is scarcity of time.

Never feeling like you have enough time sending out the vibration of “lack” and “there isn’t enough.” But the fact is billionaires have the same amount of time as anyone else. What’s different is their priorities. They are focused on getting from point A to B in life in and in business in the most efficient way through seeking expert counsel and specialized knowledge, as well as joining industry specific masterminds.

When you buy into the scarcity of time, money, and resources you buy into an illusive and self-imposed idea. Its just a perception that can be changed. Nature provided everything here for us. Food, water, medicine, building materials, computers, everything.

Then that begs the question. What’s the reason for the gap between the resources you want and the resources you currently have?

If I was forced to narrow it down to one thing it’s having focus. The universe has to see how committed you are and how much conviction you have in the vision you are building. The universe wants to see if you will lose focus or maintain.

Earl Nightingale once said the strangest secret is the universe can only reflect back to you what you think about most of the time.

That’s why in Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill a burning desire is prescribed.

A burning desire means you are impressing your idea or belief into the fabric of the cosmos. I know that sounds out there but think of each thought as if it was measured in gravity or G force. Some ideas that consume your conscious thought and emotions must be taken action on. The “why” is driving you. You just gotta do it. This obsession is the engine that generates action. When you resonate the idea consistently and deeply believe in it then the idea starts to have deeper and deeper gravity. Your idea starts to take on a life of its own and become magnetic to others.

The laws of the universe have no choice but to pay attention to the imagined vision or idea that is crystal clear. That’s what draws in the “hows”. The hows are the people, the opportunities, the resources, and the situations that come onto your radar screen throughout this week.

The majority of people worry about the “hows” when the “why”s is what draws in the “hows.” Try on this thinking for the next week and see if you can enable the magic of a magnetic “why.”

The mental keystone to the “why” is what you are focusing on each day, your level of belief in yourself and the ideas you are executing on, and ultimately your conviction on not what you should do… but what you MUST do.