Most entrepreneurs tend to have extremely clear goals, but leave the journey to those goals negotiable. What we mean by that is they’ll do whatever it takes to get to the finish line. However, we believe that the journey towards a specific goal shouldn’t be overlooked; it is sometimes even more important than the goal itself. Because the actions you take and the systems you have in place to reach those objectives are what will determine your success.

James Clear, the best-selling author of Atomic Habits, explains that goals are good for setting a direction, but systems are best for making progress. If you’re not convinced just yet, read on for 3 reasons why you should stop focusing so much on your goals and focus on your habits instead.


If you’re like many people who pick up running every day for an hour as practice for a marathon, then you most likely stop running a few days after the marathon is over. You achieved the goal, so it’s fine, right?! Meh, not really — especially if that was your only form of exercise.

This is why you should be focusing on the habit of actually running every day instead of focusing on the finish line of the marathon. This way, once you accomplished the goal, the healthy habit you built around running will continue and you will continuously reap the benefits of this practice. Sometimes we need a goal to set ourselves up to create the habit, and that’s okay. So sign up for that marathon, but your focus should be on building your daily running routine, rather than just achieving the goal and moving on.


When you think about all the goals you achieved in your life, what makes you more proud — is it the actual “finish line” or all the hard work you put in to finally achieve that goal? Usually, it’s the latter. And that’s only natural! Focus on building habits that will make you feel good about yourself in the long run. It will help with your self-esteem and increase confidence in your abilities. And it will make the next goals that you set for yourself much more attainable.


Unfortunately, not everything is 100% in your control — especially when it comes to business and real estate. A recession can hit, the market can change, or an injury can cause you to stop training for that big marathon.

Whatever may arise, this shows that your goals aren’t always in control. But what is in your control are your daily actions. This is why it’s so important to develop habits and routines that will make you successful in the long-term as the results compound over time.