You are limitless. You are not bound by any one idea, person, or thing. That’s who you are and always have been.

There is no cap to your heights and the fantastic feats that you can achieve and achievements that you can even impress yourself with.

What’s been holding you back in your mindset lately? Have you had looping thoughts about not being good enough or capable of those heights that can only be dreamed of?

This blog post is your confirmation that you have it all in you. If you can dream it, you can also conceive it and bring it into creation. That’s how powerful you are.

It’s easy for us to get lost in the hypnotic dross of the same activities, the same routines, the same TV shows, the same social media accounts. This is your permission to break free and breakthrough.

The only limit to where you can go is your imagination. That’s the keystone of creation that is sitting inside of you. Your imagination. Your image engine. The engine may show you personal truths through images, ideas, or feelings.

Through the image engine you hold the master key to open any door that you wish to and bring any creation into the world for the betterment of the world. Is it a physical invention or a software invention? Is it a new market? Is it a business design? Is it a service that you want to deliver better than 99% of your market? What is it?

What’s your innovation? What’s your mark? What’s your legacy? Are you hitting your personal mark?

Everything around you is here for you. You are in an electromagnetic, visceral, digital ocean of information inside of an earthly watery terrarium. You can visit any land you wish to visit in your mind. You can sail a boat across any ocean. You can visit any grand cathedral built in the 1600s in an obscure European town. You can learn about almost any intellectual idea of the past few hundred years in vast oceans of data available to you any day and at any time.

In modern days we can be starved for meaning, doing our best to keep emptiness at bay—even though there is a limitless amount of possibilities and information in front of us at all times. Why? We have an abundance of ideas, social media posts, foods, and options on Netflix to distract ourself with. Whats going to cut through that?

What going to set you apart? What’s going to elevate your mind and subsequently your life beyond the horizon that you only daydream of today?

It’s your discernment, which then is expressed through what you focus on and what you take action on.

What are you focused on? What are you learning about, and what are you going to do about it? That’s what’s going to set you apart. Discernment.

Slipping into the same patterns of meaningless information overload, which is extremely easy and we are all guilty of it, is the battle you are up against… know that this is your modern day Goliath to overcome. This information overload I describe is not too different than a walk down any grocery store isle.

There are probably several grocery stores near you right now, each with thousands of different pre-packaged foods ready to satiate your immediate desires for fats, sweets, and salts. Whatever you are feeling in the moment, it’s there, no different than your social media apps and Netflix playlist. It’s very easy in modern times to be bloated with meaningless information and unhealthy foods. We are tempted at every corner.

This is the battle of modern man. To not lose his or her sense of self, self meaning, and sense of direction in the minutia of everyday physical, sensual, and digital delights.

Walk the narrow path of excellence. Ascend into the person you have always dreamed of becoming…. Imagine that level of yourself that flashes into your mind’s eye from time to time, that specific level of potential that truly inspires you for a moment, that is… before you are pulled back into the everyday.

That’s you…. That’s your potential. That’s your uncreated self which you have the birthright and the duty to actualize and claim. Step by step it’s been in the works for years, you have been gathering specialized knowledge and gathering social capital often in several disciplines along the the way.

Learning a little, implementing a lot, rinsing, and repeating.

This is you. You are limitless. You are unbound of any limiting beliefs and your limitless engine is your imagination, your unique intelligence, your unique perspective, and your unique ambition.

Set the GPS on the destination you intend for, your legacy level destination, and don’t lose sight of that GPS map.

A legacy level destination should materially change the world and leave it better than you found it. That’s how your friends, family, and people of future generations will remember you.

On the way, if you stray off course, smile, laugh at yourself, and joyfully bring yourself back on the course of learning and implementing—gathering data and getting better. Ride the fine line between success and humility.

You are the master of your destiny. You have free will and nothing can stop you, only limiting beliefs.

The people of this planet are waiting for your contribution, don’t starve them of your genius.

“Whatever Your Mind Can Conceive and Believe, It Can Achieve.” – Napoleon Hill